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Fall in Love with These Looks

Fall is officially here! Time to break out sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes!?! Eh, not so much since we're still having 90 degree weather days. Even though it doesn't feel like fall...fall in love with these trendy handbags...  (Click the picture to purchase) Checkered Everything  ​     To view more Checkered accessories, please click here!     Fur Handbags       To view more fur accessories, please click here!   Animal Print Handbags  

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Clean Your Lashes! It's a Must!

We all want to feel glamorous with lash extensions make them last as long as possible. One myth that most women believe is if they don't get them wet, they will last longer. However avoiding water and improper cleansing can lead to dirt build up or even worse....Lash Mites!!! Gross! Blepharitis is a common problem amongst those who do not have good eyelid hygiene. It’s defined as ‘inflammation of the eyelid’ and seems from my research to be a condition that is annoying and irritating rather than dangerous. Basically, when not washed away properly dead skin cells can build up on the eyelids and cause itchiness and inflammation. This means that the eyes/eyelids will feel itchy, block the hair follicles, and...

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Hot Trends for Summer 2019

Hot Trends for Summer 2019Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Is your closet ready? Here are a few must haves to heat up the season.  Click on the pictures below to shop the look!  Transparent Bags Clear bags are have become a new thing when attending games and concerts, but that doesn't mean you have to be tacky. Clear handbags are taking the fashion industry by storm coming in various sizes ranging from the waist bag to satchels.    Angular Sunglasses Shield your eyes with a unique style of sunglasses giving you a retro but chic fun look under the sun.  Don't Call Them Fanny Packs The belt bag is a sophisticated version of the traditional...

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