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Why a Makeup Brush Cleaner is the Answer to Your Breakouts

Every queen who gets her face slayed by the gods wants to feel beautiful whether wearing makeup or not. Unfortunately, slaying your face over and over again with the same brushes that haven't been cleaned in a while can lead to clogged pores and annoying breakouts. That goes for your mascara wand too, ladies!

Millions of queens are only cleaning their brushes once a month, if at all. Millions bacterium will born in your brush if you don’t wash them in a week. As long as those brushes go uncleaned, you will spread dirt and bacteria to your face, into your makeup and back to your face again. 

In a survey conducted by Bustle, 61% of millennials didn't even know how to clean their makeup brushes. 

Shop Ja'Kai has the key to keep your face clan and bacteria-free! The electronic makeup brush cleaner is easy to use and cleans your makeup brushes fast so you can go out and slay as intended.

Our product can not only clean and dry your beauty brush in a amazing fast and effective way, but also be produced in a environmental-friendly way. You don't need expensive makeup cleansers fluids. Lukewarm water and unscented, natural soap will do the trick.

So head over to shop to purchase yours now by clicking here. It's only $20 and you can buy it now for 20% using code SPRING20 during checkout.

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