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XL Coffin Makeup Brush Holder 24x15x4

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  • Our new and out of ordinary Gute Coffin Brush Holder is just for you, its unique style and look will capture your heart for gothic and spooky decor. This will give off that goth home decor vibe to your whole home, bedroom, bathroom.
  • Drop the traditional and boring décor, our Gute Coffin Brush Holder Shelf will give you the gothic and eerie accent to your home decors! This Gute Coffin Shelf has 5 compartments that can be filled with your favourite creepy, goth or any small figure collections.
  • If you love the creepy, spooky, dark, punk, grunge style then add this extra accent to your room or home decor, and this unique and practical holder that will complete the picture!
  • Can be used for anything - As a makeup brush holder, storage for your phone, keys, pens and markers... etc. It's strong and sturdy and looks beautiful.